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Roland SRP technology creates the most accurate prototypes for complex snap-fits.  The MDX-540 creates prototypes for functional testing and proves part manufacturability. The 540 also handles a wide variety of materials while generating a smooth surface finish.

400W DC Brushless motor with increased torque for fast, accurate prototypes

Bundled, user-friendly CAM Software
Handheld controller and virtual control panel make set up fast and easy
Specialty MDX-540S and MDX-540SA models available for enhanced precision and repeat accuracy

Optional 4th rotary axis and automatic tool changer

Maximum 19.68" x 15.74" x 6.10" XYZ-Axis Travel

A History of Innovation Worldwide

Roland ASD develops advanced solutions for the sign making, engraving, jewelry design and CAD/CAM industries. It serves customers throughout North and South America with cutting-edge technologies and skilled dealers.

Milling Machines

Roland ASD milling machines let engineers and designers mill 3D prototypes quickly and inexpensively. They are also used for creating wax models for jewelry design.  For desktop scanning and milling, Roland offers superior accuracy and finish.
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Scanning Machines

Roland ASD 3D laser scanners and touch probe scanners are perfect for a wide variety of CAD and computer graphics applications. Roland scanners are ideal for capturing complex
data for hand-held consumer products, blister package design, hand-sculpted characters for feature animation, and face models for anaplastologists
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Engraving Machines and Impact Printers

Roland ASD engraving machines produce custom badges, nameplates, key rings, and luggage tags with unmatched accuracy.  Roland also offers impact printer solutions for personalizing metal and acrylic materials from jewelry to Zippo® lighters.
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