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In order to provide the fastest and most efficient technical support, the CAMS team has provided a list of the most frequently asked technical support questions, including software licensing and installation.

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For technical support issues which are not covered by the FAQs, please contact our support team Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m using the link provided below.  Please provide the following information:

  • User name, company name, email, phone number.
  • Software version(s) and current Service Pack installed.
  • Operating System.
  • Part files, if applicable.
  • A comprehensive summary of attempts to solve the problem.

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(Frequently Asked Questions)


AFR is finding Hole features that I do not want. Can I stop AFR from finding these holes?
YES, In the CAMWorks Options Menu you can specify what Feature Types you would like AFR (Automatic Feature Recognition) to search for.  Also, in the case of holes CAMWorks 2008 allows users to specify a minimum diameter by which AFR will recognize a feature as a Hole vs. an Irregular Slot.  This is especially useful when the Hole feature intersects another feature.
I have inserted a Mill Part Setup, several features, and generated operation plans. The toolpath is correct, but my zero point (machine origin) is not in the correct position. Is there a way to set my program zero point within CAMWorks?
YES.  CAMWorks places a Z indicator based on the Mill Part Setup direction.  You can define the desired location for this zero point.  To do so, Right Click the Mill Part Setup in the CAMWorks Operation Tree.  Select “Edit Definition” to access the Mill Part Setup Menu.  This allows you to define the zero point as a XYZ coordinate, sketch, arc center, a stock vertex, or vertex based on model geometry.  Please note: The Mill Part Setup Indicator on the CAMWorks Feature Tree will not change once the zero point is defined.  The Mill Part Setup Indicator denotes normal Z direction, not the zero point (machine origin).
I want to run CAMWorks on my new computer, but I do not have a parallel port to plug the dongle (security block) into. Is there a USB dongle available?
YES.  For customers who are currently enrolled in an USP (Update Subscription Plan), parallel dongles can be transferred to USB dongles free of charge.  For customers not actively enrolled in a USP, a charge is assessed per dongle conversion.  Contact a representative for details.
Is CAMWorks available with a software license?
YES.  In addition to hardware licenses, CAMWorks offers both a “Standalone Software” license and a “Floating Network” license.  Contact a representative for details.
I have opened a new part file and the units are in metric, how do I change to English (inch) units?
Navigate to the “Tools” drop down menu.  Select “Options”.  Once the menu appears, choose the “Document Properties” tab.  Select “Units” and set as desired.  Please note that round-off may impact machining accuracy.  Set the precision appropriately for the desired accuracy.
I am using SolidWorks/ CAMWorks Solids Part Configurations. Do I need to use Configurations within CAMWorks as well?
YES.  In order to program different Configurations of the same part within the part file, a new CAMWorks Configuration must be created for each corresponding part configuration.
I am machining a Corner Slot feature which pierces the part perimeter. I would like the tool to hang over the edge by 75% of the diameter. I have set the Air Segment Offset to 75%, but the tool does not respond accordingly. How can this be achieved?
The Air Segment Offset is the setting used to control the tool in this instance; however the feature must also be defined correctly.  Users must specify which edges to apply the Air Segment Offset to.  This is accomplished by Right Clicking the Corner Slot feature and selecting “Edit Definition”.  Select the “Edit Feature Profiles” option and click “Next”.  Review each segment and ensure that “Open Air Edge” is selected for the appropriate segments.  Note:  This technique is applicable to Open Pocket, Slot, and Corner Slot features.
I purchased a custom post processor. How do I install it?
Copy the Custom Post Processor files supplied by CAMS into the “Post” directory of CAMWorks. The default location for posts is:  C:\Program Files\CAMWorks 20XX\Posts.  Note:  Posts can also be copied to an alternative directory; however CAMWorks must be directed to that location.
I want to save my model as a .STL file and use it to define the stock in CAMWorks. I save the .STL file from the model, and select it through the CAMWorks Stock Definition, but it is always aligned up and to the right of the model I am machining. How can I align the .STL stock representation to the part I am machining?
When you are saving the .STL file with SolidWorks/CAMWorks Solids, open the “Options” menu.  Ensure that the check box next to “Do not translate STL output data to positive space” is checked.  This option translates the model into positive coordinate space, which typically results in the .STL stock representation aligning up and to the right of the existing model when defined as stock.
Does CAMWorks 2008 support the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system?
YES.  CAMWorks 2008 SP2, or newer, supports Microsoft Windows Vista (32 bit Business, Ultimate & Enterprise editions).  Note:  For Windows Vista compatibility, users must use the complete install the full install version of CAMWorks 2008 SP2.0 or higher.  CAMWorks 2009 (64 bit) supports Microsoft Windows Vista 64 bit Business, Ultimate & Enterprise editions.
Within the CAMWorks NC tab of Contour Operations, what is the difference between “CNC Compensation” and “Toolpath Center” compensation?
CNC Compensation is referencing what is commonly called “Wear Compensation”.  This is used to compensate for wear of the tool diameter.  On Fanuc based post processors this would enable the output of G41/G42.   “Toolpath Center” compensation determines whether CAMWorks outputs coordinates based on the center of the tool or the edge of the defined feature. The “Without compensation” option assumes that the machine controller will compensate the toolpath by the radius of the tool.  Please review the “Cutter Compensation” illustrated document found in our Download Center.  Note:  When “Without Compensation” is selected the tool geometry must be specified on the machine controller.
I recently purchased CAMWorks and received my installation discs in the mail, but I am unsure what order I should install the components. What is the recommended process to install CAMWorks?
(1) Install Microsoft Access or Access Runtime first.  (2) Then install CAMWorks Solids or SolidWorks if not already present.  (3) Install CAMWorks.  (4) Install Feeds and Speeds.  (5) Hardware license users need to install Sentinel Drivers and software license users need to install the CAMWorks FlexLM license manager.  (6) Install any Service Packs provided or available.  Please review the instruction sheet “CAMWorks Quick Start/Installation Guide” found in our Download Center.
I just downloaded and installed the latest Service Pack, and now my CAMWorks is prompting; “0 days remaining...”. It worked fine before this, what is wrong?
Service Packs are dated and eligible for use based on Update Subscription Plan (USP) enrollment.  This error indicates that the configured license is not authorized to run the Service Pack.  Check that you are currently enrolled in an USP and that the configured license was updated at the time of USP enrollment.  Often times a customer enrolls in USP, but fails to update their configured license.  Although they are eligible to run the Service Pack, CAMWorks licensing mechanisms must still be updated to reflect USP enrollment.
How do you check which Service Pack and/or version I have installed of CAMWorks?
With the CAMWorks add-in activated within SolidWorks/ CAMWorks Solids navigate to the “Help” menu; then the “CAMWorks 20XX” fly-out and select “About”.  The About window will display the CAMWorks version, Service Pack, and build date.
Before installing a new version of CAMWorks, do I need to uninstall the existing version?
No.  Each CAMWorks version is a separate install.  You can activate different versions of CAMWorks through the SolidWorks/CAMWorks Solids Add-in window (as long as the selected version of CAMWorks is compatible with the SolidWorks/CAMWorks Solids version).
I have a model of a part which will require machining operations from both a lathe and a mill. How do I program both types of machines within the single part file?
Program the part for machine type you wish to machine first.  Save the part file. Navigate to “Configurations” in the CAMWorks Feature Tree,
I need to copy my custom post processor files to a new computer. What files do I copy to successfully move my custom post processor?
Depending on the machine type there could be up to 6 files associated.   They will all begin with the name of the controller file selected on the Controller tab within the Machine definition.   The file extensions are:
•    .ctl – Main controller file for the post processor.
•    .lng – Also a main file for the post processor.
•    .pinf – Optional file, for determining the default output file extension of your programs.
•    .rtf – Optional files as well.  They come in pairs and simply display information about your post when you select it.
•    .kin – For using the 4 & 5 axis simultaneous features in CAMWorks.  Also needed for the machine simulator.
Toolpath for a Contour operation on an Open Profile feature is on the wrong side?
Edit the Open Profile feature definition, check “Edit Feature Profiles”, select “Next” and check “Flip direction to cut”.  Insure that the indicator for each segment points to the side where material removal is desired.
I have programmed a part and generated toolpath to my liking. Upon other modifications to my model, a CAMWorks Full Rebuild was performed. This “Full” Rebuild modified the toolpath which was previously programmed. How do I prevent CAMWorks from changing operation parameters and/or toolpath that were already programmed?
When a Full Rebuild is preformed, CAMWorks will essentially re-run the Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) process and set the parameters back to how they are defined within the Technology Database.  Once an operation is programmed with the desired parameters, right click on that operation and select “Lock”.  Locking an operation will prevent a “Full” Rebuild from reverting previously programmed operations back to the default parameters (per the Technology Database).  Note:  Locked features cannot be modified.  Users must unlock features when additional modifications are needed.
Why does it say zero days remain on my license?
Your license has expired or the CAMWorks License Manager cannot detect your license.  Check the expiration date of your license and ensure you are eligible to run that version of CAMWorks.
I've noticed there are two versions of CAMWorks available for download. CAMWorks 2008-07 & CAMWorks 2008-08.
Recent enhancements to the SolidWorks architecture for the 2008 release do not allow compatibility with previous versions of 3rd party add-ins, such as CAMWorks 2007.  In an effort to provide the latest CAMWorks functionality to the widest array of users, Geometric Technologies opted to develop 2 versions of CAMWorks 2008.  CAMWorks 2008-07 will allow SolidWorks 2007 users to experience the latest enhancements in CAMWorks 2008, while CAMWorks 2008-08 is only compatible with SolidWorks 2008.
What is the recommended procedure for installing/configuring a CAMWorks floating network license?
Please review the instruction sheet "Floating Network License 2008" found in our Download Center.  Detailed instructions can also be found in the CAMWorks Installation & Quick Start Guide.
I have configured a floating network license per the instruction sheet provided and I am unable to obtain a license from my server. What should I do to make this function?
Review the instruction sheet in detail to ensure no steps were missed.  Specifically, ensure that the firewall is configured correctly and that the license manager is installed locally.  Additionally, review "FlexLM Trouble-Shooting Tips" document located in our Download Center.
How do I update/flash my hardware license for my USB and/or parallel port dongle/security block?
Please review the instruction sheet "CAMWorks Hardware License Instructions" found in our Download Center.
I am not having much success at generating setup sheets within CAMWorks (32 bit versions). What is preventing me from generating setup sheets?

Microsoft requires a full licensed version of Microsoft Access to create customized reports.  Please insure that a full licensed version of Microsoft Access 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, or 2007 is installed to create customized reports; such as setup sheets.  Also, please verify that the Microsoft Jet Database Engine component is installed with your Windows operating system.  Note: If the option for generating setup sheets with images is enabled, please allow adequate time for the simulation process to run in the background.

I am submitting a license request for a floating network license and/or a standalone software license and the email is being returned. Did this email address change?

Yes, the registration email address has changed.   Please insure that license requests are emailed to: register at


Will CAMWorks 2009 run as an add-in to SolidWorks 2009 64bit?
Yes, CAMWorks 2009 has separate installs for 64 bit versions of SolidWorks and 32 bit versions of SolidWorks.  Note: 64 bit versions of CAMWorks & SolidWorks require 64 bit operating systems.
Is CAMWorks compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista 64 bit and/or Windows XP 64 bit?
CAMWorks 2009 (64 bit version) supports Microsoft Windows XP Professional 64 bit (SP2.0 or higher) and Microsoft Windows Vista 64 bit (Business, Ultimate & Enterprise editions).
Can I have different versions of CAMWorks installed on my computer?
Yes.  CAMWorks can be installed as a new installation.   You can run different CAMWorks versions using the SolidWorks/CAMWorks Solids Add-in Manager to switch versions.  Note: For best results it is recommended to exit SolidWorks/CAMWorks Solids and restart it when switching add-ins.
Can I open files saved in new versions of CAMWorks with my older versions of CAMWorks?
No, CAMWorks and SolidWorks/CAMWorks Solids are forward compatible.  CAMWorks data in files saved in new versions of CAMWorks can not be restored in older versions of CAMWorks because of the additions of new features and advances in technology.
I received my CAMWorks 2009 DVD's and the shipment contains 2 DVD's. One DVD is labeled CAMWorks and the other DVD is labeled CAMWorks Solids. What is CAMWorks Solids and do I need to install it?
CAMWorks Solids is an additional CAD solution that CAMWorks can run within... similar to SolidWorks.  Only install CAMWorks Solids if your company has purchased a license for CAMWorks Solids.
What is new in CAMWorks 2009?
Please visit our Download Center and review the "What's New in CAMWorks 2009!" document.
I have read that CAMWorks 2009 is supporting multi-threaded processing. What does this mean?
Generation of toolpath for 3 axis and 4 or 5 axis simultaneous operations often require significant amounts of processing time or memory usage.  CAMWorks 2009 will run this calculation on separate threads of your processor; which allows you to continue using CAMWorks and/or other applications while toolpath is being generated.  Additionally toolpath generation time is reduced.  Note: Computers equipped with multiple processors or processors containing multiple cores are required for this.
To access the Download section and/or the Forums on, it is stating I need to register a login account. However it states that a CPD Number is required. What is my CPD Number?
Geometric Technologies is now requiring users to create their own login account to access certain areas of  The "cwuser" login previously used will soon be disabled.  A Copy Protection Device (CPD) Number is required to create a login account.  For users with a hardware type of license, the CPD Number is the 5 digit number printed on your dongle.  For users with a software license (standalone or floating network) the CPD Number is the last 6 digits within the name of the .lic file sent to you by Geometric Technologies.
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