Tools to help your shop be more competitive

Running a small to medium size job shop is difficult. Even when things are going well, keeping the pipeline full is an ever-present concern. Let's take a look at some tools to help your shop be more competitive, win jobs, and deliver.

1. React Faster to Customer Changes

Associative CAD/CAM systems reduce time-consuming reprogramming when customers change the part design

As the leading Gold-Level partner solution for SolidWorks, CAMWorks provides associativity between the CAM data and the CAD features. This seamless integration allows users to effortlessly update the CAM data when the CAD model is changed; eliminating time-consuming reprogramming. This seamless integration of CAD/CAM data also simplifies electronic document storage and ensures proper revision control by pairing the toolpath and model together in a single file.

2. Create a Knowledge Base

Ensure your entire team is using the best machining practices.

You may have spent years learning and developing the best practices in your shop today. Ensure those best practices are being used by the entire team. CAMWorks Technology Database captures the unique techniques used in your shop. Don't waste time and money for your newest programmers to re-learn the lessons your senior programmers already know. Capture, store, and refine those best practices; sharpening your edge on the competition.

3. Add Industrial Quality 3D Printing

3D printing is no longer just "for looks". Print strong, functional parts at a fraction of traditional costs.

Markforged has obliterated the notion that 3D printed parts are not strong enough for the real world. Using continuous filaments like Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass, Markforged printers are able to create parts that are over 20X stronger than traditional printed parts; able to serve as a replacement for aluminum in many cases.

Additionally, Markforged 3D printers reduce traditional labor costs by 50X by utilizing an easy-to-use cloud based software, remote management, and fleet capability. This means you can print from anywhere, anytime, without specialized skills or expertise.

4. Get a Handle on the Statistics

Determine how well machines are being utilized, and get answers for the ones that re not.

"Looking busy" can be a bit of an art form, and some painters are masters at the craft. Find out how well your machines are truly being utilized with CIMCO's MDC-Max. A complete Manufacturing Data Collection solution that automatically gathers and processes shop-floor data in real-time.

In addition to providing a clear picture of machine utilization, manufacturing data collection provides insight into tooling cost variances across shifts, maintenance deficiencies, and down-time.

5. Hire a Robot

Great as a short-term helping hand or for long-term reptitive processes.

Maximize your uptime; hire a robot and plug gaps in your workforce. With around the clock operation and real-time monitoring, robots create a competitive advantage by reducing hourly operating costs. Ready Robotics TaskMate Systems are built tough for those dirty, dangerous, repetitive tasks. Use the TaskMate to free up your valuable machinists and operators.

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